Thursday, 14 January 2010

Field visit to Burundi by the Special Delegate of the Howard Buffet Foundation

Field visit to Burundi by the Special Delegate of the Howard Buffet Foundation

This Thursday, January 13, 2010, in collaboration with the Representative of Survivor Corps in Burundi, Mr Pierre Claver Nsengiyumva, Eric Niragira, Founder President and Chairman of CEDAC, representatives of Care International and the Special representative of the Howard Buffett Foundation, Mr Koffi, visited women ex-combatants, member of CEDAC in province of Bujumbura Rural, to analyze the step already taken in DUSHIGIKIRANE project funded by the Howard Buffett Foundation.

The objective of visit was also to notice progress and lessons already learned by women ex-combatants as part of this project.

This project aimed at social and economic reintegration of female ex-combatants focused on three approaches, the first is to strengthen the female ex-combatant groups in the system of micro credit. This approach is realized by Care International.
Then the second approach consists to strengthen the women ex-combatants capacity on the rice plantation where new quality more productive were developed and given to female ex-combatants for planting.
IRRI dealing with that approach, gives women ex-combatants all necessary equipment from sowing to harvest.

The third approach is to train women ex-combatants on education approach to peer support, which is to assist survivors, touched by the trauma of war and to help them go beyond past and become normal people.

All partners who were there enjoyed the project development and the meeting ended with a remarkable appreciation from the Special delegate of the Howard Buffett Foundation

Eric Niragira

Founder president of CEDAC

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