Monday, 26 April 2010

Women ex-combatants in full operation of development program

Since Wednesday, 21 April 2010 to 23 April, I visited women ex-combatants in the four municipalities of the province of Bujumbura Rural, Kabezi, Isale, Mutimbuzi, and Kanyosha.
The aim was to give an account of the evolution of the peer support program which is being directed by leaders of CEDAC. These facilitators have been trained by Survivor Corps to assist women ex-combatants and ex-combatants in general who have been affected by the trauma of war.
The objective of this program is to heal the trauma caused by war and prepare them for development.
The other purpose of my visit was to provide these women ex-combatants; researchers from Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to realize the current state of the DDR in Burundi.
All the women we met greatly appreciate the contribution of CEDAC in the program of reintegration of ex-combatants and are asking CEDAC to continue to advocate for them in the future especially as they have begun to micro-projects which need to be supported

Eric Niragira

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