Thursday, 15 July 2010

To reinforce the communicative competence of Burundi Civil Society Organisations leaders is a necessity

On 12th July, 2010, the Forum for the Reinforcement of the Civil Society in collaboration of ARCANE organized a workshop of sensitizing leaders of Burundi Civil Society Organizations under the theme ‘The dynamic of communication and the use of the Burundi Civil Society website.’

This workshop held at Novotel Hotel came as an opportunity given to Burundi civil society organizations leaders in order to the role of effective communication in terms of meeting the missions and the goals of the organizations they lead.
CEDAC, one of the civil society organizations whose mission is to train ex- combatants for the social and development integration took part in that workshop.

Inviting CEDAC in such workshop is a sign that shows the degree of contribution that it gives to the building of a peaceful civil society in by giving hope and healing to people who experienced war wounds and atrocities

An other focus point of the workshop was to invite the leaders of civil society organizations to update the website by publishing what they realize, what is also to advertise for their organizations.
Let’s remind that the website is

By Niyongabo Jean Baptiste.

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