Monday, 8 November 2010

Eric in the first meeting of state on Convention on Cluster Munitions,Vientiane,Laos ,november 6-13

It is very impressing to talk about my participation in that meeting which is collect all stakeholders in landmine and cluster munition in Laos from 6th to 13rd november.

As chairman of the training center for development (CEDAC) ,I have been invited and supported by Mine Action Canada to participate in the Youth Leaders Forum which is is organized in parallel with the meeting of States Parties to the Convention.
The objective is to give young people campagners from differents contries of the world an extensive knowledge in the fight against cluster munitios and how to advocate for the implementation of the convention on cluster munitions

As Victim Assistance,today on monday,8th november,I was invited by ICBL in the meeting of Victim assistance focal points,survivors of cluster munitions and landmine and other stakeholders in the Cluster Munitions.
The intention of the meeting was to share information on Convention and see together what we can do in the pronotion of the implemetantion of the convention and specificaly the implementation of victim assistance in the different countries affected by cluster munitions bombs and landmines.

On friday ,12th november,CEDAC,my organisation,in collaboration with Action on Armed Violence (AOAV UK) and Seguridad Humana en Latinoamerica y el Caribe (SEHLAC),are organising an event with the theme : WHAT¹S NEXT IN HUMANITARIAN DISARMAMENT
Opportunities for civil society engagement.
We want all civilian societies present in the conference,to be informed about where we are with the rogram and what can be done in the future.
I remain convinced that this meeting will have a positive impact on countries which require assistance to victims and the fight against armed violence.

Eric from Laos Vientiane

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  1. Landry Ninteretse14 November 2010 at 16:15

    I am impressed Eric by the amazing great work you're doing across Burundi to ensure a successful reintegration of former combatants and an effective disarmament. The latter is so crucial for a stabilized context prior to establishment of a true democratic society.