Wednesday, 30 November 2011

CEDAC in process of helping victims of war in Bujumbura area

As part of the Project "Protection of the transit Site of Maramvya area the province of Bujumbura, the training centre for development of ex-combatants "CEDAC" with the support of UNDP is realizing activities of management of Maramvya Site.
This camp complaining IDPs, Refuges and ex-combatants has been managed cause of the call of Burundian Government that solicited a help from UNDP to protect these people who were in bad situation. So, that CEDAC has been chosen among other UN organization as WFP that used food for work during all activities that need human means and Red Cross to provide material tools for construction.
CEDAC started its activities with the adduction of water.
Before this activity , habitants of the camps drunk water given by UNICEF and it was not enough cause UNICEF was obliged to transport water from Bujumbura where is so far from the Maramvya Camp.

The second activity concerned the management of the track of access to the camp
CEDAC used a topographer to draw and manage the track. Notice that the camp was inaccessible before we started to manage the road. We rented truck for the transportation of the sand used to manage the road and the sand was collected by the member of the camps from the Muzazi River

The final activity was dedicated to the construction of new hangar for the refuges and the management of hangars that have been destroyed by the rains

Let us note that with the support of donors, CEDAC will continue to carry out such work that helps victims of the war in Burundi

Eric Niragira

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