Sunday, 21 March 2010

The CEDAC started a new concept of reintegration of former combatants around the water programs

With its Belgian partner Global Water Institute "GWI, CEDAC has signed a partnership agreement with this NGO which aims to reintegrate ex-combatants in Burundi around the water programs. This is the result of a field visit of 20 days of GWI’s President; Ms. Valerie Ndaruzaniye has done in Burundi to realize the achievements of CEDAC and share with CEDAC’s members their aspirations on programs related water and prevention of conflicts related to water.

Currently, when we talk about warm weather, members of CEDAC have expressed their strong desire to contribute to the success of this project especially that this project will give them a work. In all municipalities visited, members of CEDAC expressed a warm welcome to the President of GWI event with a march led by the dancing drummers of Burundi.
On the posters, saying "we lust for drinking water for all"

The visit was concluded with a round table made by dignitaries of Burundi and the donors working in Burundi. This meeting was organized by CEDAC and GWI and the goal was to present the initiative to the decision makers to solicit their support.
I would not fail to thank the Belgian NGO for its will expressed in the reintegration of ex-combatants in Burundi while hoping that this example could be followed by other donors wishing to assist Burundi .

Eric Niragira

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