Thursday, 18 March 2010

Eric Niragira,President of CEDAC and the Niarchos Prize 2010

This is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude and thanks to Survivors Corps and his team who has submitted my nomination for Niarchos Prize 2010.
This award represents to me and CEDAC a sign of encouragement to outstanding against people who have dedicated their lives to help and assist vulnerable people and victims of conflits. It also gave me a hope that my work to of assisting ex-combatants and transform them into leaders is appreciated by many personalities, which gives me hope that the future of this program is better.
This award will allow me to strengthen programs to assist survivors of the war in Burundi and I will also strengthen the institutional capacity of CEDAC.
May everyone follow this good example of Survivor Corps to decrease the suffering of survivors of war and participation in conflict prevention.
The road is still long but I believe that together we can prepare a better world for future generations

Eric Niragira

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