Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dushigikirane Project

Designed by Care International in partnership with Survivor Corps, WFP and IRRI, the objective’s project is the empowerment of women’s program for development, Gender Based Violence program and Micro-credit program.
The target is the women ex-combatants from four communes of Bujumbura rural province who had been victims of civil war and very touched by war in Burundi.
All those women are organized in women ex-combatants network in CEDAC, so that we would work together and put the efforts together for implementing that project.
Last week, we were visiting the Kanyosha commune for giving more information about the project to the different commune representatives and the local community leaders. Let mention that most of them were women. It has been amazing for me when Mr Claver was presenting the program of Survivor Corps and the program of Gender Based Violence; I noticed that all women who were taking part in the meeting were interested by the program. One of the women ex-combatants said that:” Women had been used by rebels to carry munitions from the town to the mountains surrounding the town”. She also stressed that many young girls had been victims of gender based violence during combats, so that the program will be welcome in Bujumbura rural Province for implementation.

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