Monday, 14 September 2009

Peer support for change in the world

Many do not realize the change that can lead people to think when they solve their problems by referring to their previous experiences. Indeed, this is what I have seen from a training seminar for peer educators of CEDAC on the theme "Peace begins at home’

This training funded by the Gender Unit of the United Nations Integrated Office in Burundi to CEDAC had as main methodological tool, the approach of Peer Support, invented by Jerry White, founder of Survivor Corps. Based on his experience, Jerry White has revealed the five steps that should help the survivor to overcome her traumatic experience. The method of Peer Support also shows behavior that must show a pair facing a survivor. The knowledge gained on this tool from my training by an expert from Survivor Corps in Kigali in January 2009 gave me an opportunity to realize my abilities to perform the change. I once had the opportunity to present this method of Survivor Corps, at the seminar which was conducted from September 10 to 11, 2009. This training was dedicated to the leaders of CEDAC coming from six provinces in the North West of Burundi and had as objective the acquisition of knowledge that should enable them to consolidate the peace by taking as a model their respective homes. In presenting the approach of Peer Support, all participants were greeted warmly and they said “It was the single best approach to consolidate the social fabric of Burundi”. The sharing of experiences has been more interesting for participants. The sponser, after seeing the interest of the training has decided to expand training to other provinces. His goal was that peer educators can actually have the knowledge which could help them to contribute to the change of Burundi, in short, peace building and development. I am deeply motivated by this method shows a great impact on the future of Burundi and needs to be supported.

Eric Niragira

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